Journey to a New Normal


Hey Hey 😀

Since my mother died, my family and I have had a new normal thrust upon us. While I can’t speak for them, I know that it has been a very trying transition for me. Each day I learn something new about myself. I miss her terribly, but I can feel myself slowly climbing out of the shadows of depression. It still hurts, and I know it will for a long time to come.

I didn’t realize how much she was a part of my routine until she was gone. All the phone calls, e-mails, and visits (all of my vacation days were spent going back home to see her), GONE. Just like that. When I tell people I’m lost without her, I’m not kidding. This new normal is evil, bitter, dull and cold. But I’m finding my way through it inch by terrible inch.

For example, Mother’s Day is coming. I live in the United Kingdom, and they celebrate it earlier than the United States (FYI…the dates this year are as follows: UK = March 30th, US = May 11th). Because of this, I always had to buy an extra card and wait until May to send it, and PRAY that I didn’t lose it before the time came because I am terribly unorganized. Since she died a four days before Mother’s Day 2013, I ended up putting her last card in the casket with her. It breaks my heart to have to stop because it was something I enjoyed doing for her.

But then I had a lightbulb moment: Why do I have to stop? There HAS to be a better way. She wouldn’t want me to give up something that I enjoy! So this year I am going to start a new tradition in which I give a card and gift to another mother, or mother figure, in my life.

This year it will go to a woman in my small group at church. She is one of the kindest women I’ve ever met. She has been going through some tough times lately, so I’m hoping that this will lift her spirits and let her know that she is truly a blessing to me and everyone around her.

I feel that this is a great way to celebrate my mother’s life by doing something nice for someone else.  I think she would have been proud.



Sunday Night’s Roast Beast (or Dinner Is In The Dog)



After church on Sunday, I decided to go to the supermarket and pick up a nice beast to roast for dinner.   The beast of choice ended up being a huge pork belly already seasoned with cracked black pepper.   All I had to do is put it in the oven.  Set it and forget it.  I added white wine, onions and, on a whim, I put in some black-eyed peas. I boiled peas and carrots for hubby and I also roasted some asparagus, mushrooms and potatoes. And since I was feeling REALLY frisky, I even made gravy!

Dinner was absolutely DELICIOUS.  I’ll even go as far as saying that it’s the best roast beast I’d ever made.  Both of us were thinking that Monday’s leftovers would taste even better because all of the flavors would have a chance to party together.  It’s also a good sign when the dog is drooling too.


Later on in the evening, I asked hubby to go in the kitchen and put the food away because I was sure it was completely cooled off.   He quickly came back in, looking pale, and said, “I wasn’t sure if you put the meat away already, but there’s still a piece at the back of the counter.  Did you mean to leave it there?”


So I went into the kitchen and I saw an empty plate, and a small piece of the remaining pork belly at the back of the counter, sans crackling.  I looked back at the dog and he was staring back at us like the cat that caught the canary.   So I sent him to bed with the rest of our supper (I had no choice…he had already eaten it).  He’ll get the last little piece at some point, since it’s not fit for human consumption anymore.   He had NEVER done that before, so I guess he thought the roast beast was REALLY good.


So, no Monday leftovers for us (or Tuesday for that matter…there was enough for 3 days)!   Well, we had sizzling pork steaks instead, which were very tasty.

Dinner is literally in the dog.  Lucky little bugger.