Quote Of My Week


“I wanted to post this the other day about our children are the future. I was dropping my boys off at school, and I wait until they both are inside the school. So all the kids wait outside until it is time to go inside. The things you hear some of these kids say. Kids picking on each other, saying mean things way more cruel than back in our day!! That is why I try to teach my boys, talk to them, educate them. It starts with us as parents! Some just are not paying attention to their children, don’t discipline them or teach them right from wrong! It’s sad! Well not I, I am trying to raise my young men to become good men, good human beings. Kids are so much more mean, and for someone to take their own life because of being bullied is just crazy that it has gotten that bad!! We had bullies in our day but you step to them and fist fight (no one was pulling guns back then) and earn their respect a lot of times you ended up friends, or they left you alone from that point on. Times have changed so much! As my bro says WAKE UP people, give our kids the tools they need to have a bright future, and to make this world a better place!”

Charles Massie Jr.



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