What *I* Know For Sure (or LisaThangs) – Part 1


Every month, on the last page of of O Magazine, Oprah Winfrey has an essay called ‘What I Know For Sure’.   I immediately thought, if she can do it why can’t I?  I can’t be bothered to write an essay (yawn), however I have a list of things that I know for sure.  Please keep in mind that this is what I know for sure.   In fact…I’ll just call them LisaThangs.  I’m going to be cheeky and split it into 2 parts so I can have 2 separate entries for NaBloPoMo.  Ha!   Ok…let’s go….

1.  God is always in control whether you like it or not, so stop trying to put a question mark where He put a period.

2.  If your relationship status says that ‘It’s Complicated’, you might as well change it to ‘Single’, because that is EXACTLY what you are.  It’s similar to being kind of pregnant.
There’s no such thing.

3.  There’s nothing better than your mother’s home cooking.

4.  Women don’t get dressed up to impress guys.  They do it to compete with other women.

5.  Your gut (intuition, sixth sense, inner god or inner goddess, whatever you want to call it) is 100% correct.  ALWAYS listen to it.

6.  It doesn’t cost anything to say hello to someone.

7.  Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you”. These 2 phrases seem to be disappearing from our vocabulary.

8.  When it’s true love and God allows it, nothing will stand in the way of two people getting together.

9.  Karma is real, and it’s a mofo.

10. Marriage is HARD.  Any couple that says it’s not, is lying.

11. Be kind to one another.  We never know what goes on behind closed doors; everyone you meet is walking through some kind of storm.

12. Traffic is God’s way of getting you to your destination safely.  Speaking of traffic…

13. Always pee before you go somewhere. You’ll thank me if you ever get caught in said traffic.

14. Men who beat/bully/harass/disrespect women, are not real men.

15. Women who beat/bully/harass/disrespect men, are not real women.

16. Some things are better left unsaid to keep someone from getting hurt.   BUT…

17. ….some things need to be said to keep someone from getting hurt.

18. NEVER stay with someone who keeps you a secret.  If they really love you, they’ll want shout it from the mountain tops to make sure that EVERYONE knows that you belong to them and no one else.

19. A good cry can cleanse the soul.

20. No one is better than anyone else.  The only thing in life that is beneath you is thinking that you’re better than everyone else.

To be continued…………


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