Saturday Flood



OK…this entry is late, and here’s why….

This morning I woke up at the butt crack of dawn (6:30).  While I LOVE waking up this early on the weekends, I HATE it too.   It’s the weekend….want to keep sleeping!  But, it’s the weekend….I want to enjoy every waking minute of it.

When I went into the kitchen to feed and water the dog, I found a puddle of water around the refrigerator. I thought that maybe the freezer door had been left open, or the dog’s water bowl had spilled over, but no.  I cleaned it up and thought nothing of it. Later on, I heard a weird noise coming from the spare bedroom.   It was the boiler!  Turns out the pressure was low.  I woke my husband and he figured out how to fix the pressure so that the central heating would turn on.  Later on, I went back into the kitchen and noticed that the puddle of water was back again, and it was bigger. To make matters worse, there was another HUGE puddle on the other side of the kitchen.  It also sounded like there was a waterfall behind the kitchen walls.  A beautiful sound, but NOT BEHIND THE KITCHEN WALLS!!!!  We both realized that it wasn’t the refrigerator at all…it was the boiler.

Every single plumbing company we called were fully booked. No one could come until Monday! When we FINALLY got a plumber, he came in and found that a pipe had burst behind the kitchen counter, so he had to knock through the back panel of one of the kitchen units, and drain the whole central heating system. He did a great job.

So £120 later, we find out from the home insurance company that we should have called THEIR plumbing service…then we would’ve gotten all of it done for free!  GAH!!!!!!!

Oh well, at least we have a warm house. Not the best of Saturdays, but it could’ve been worse.



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