Guest Blogger


I’m Woody, the family dog.   My mommy was too tired to blog today, so I’m going to post something for her to help her out.  I owe her that much since she left that nice piece of meat on the kitchen counter for me!

I come from Dogs Trust in Evesham.  I was there for 3 weeks before I found my new mommy and daddy.  My other humans separated.  One of them didn’t want me, and the other couldn’t keep me.  I still miss them, but I’m glad that I’m with my new humans.  They needed me as much as I needed them.

My daddy takes me on long walks in the park.  It’s great to meet other dogs, especially ones from Dogs Trust!  I also love rolling in horse poo.   I don’t know why they hate when I do it, it feels and smells GREAT!  I love when mommy rubs my belly.  My favorite place is on the couch.

I wish all pets could be as happy as I am. Please check out or your local animal shelter because they always need donations.  Maybe there’s a pet there for you to either adopt or sponsor.  There are lots of ways to help out.  Winter is coming…please drop off some blankets to help keep my friends warm.   😀

Oops! I hear Mommy coming…better get off her computer!  Bye!



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