The Transformation of My Fridays


Friday.  The last day of the work/school week. The beginning of the weekend.  Throughout the years I have noticed that my Friday celebration (Fridaybration?) has changed.

When I was a kid, Friday meant staying up late watching TV shows that I wasn’t allowed to watch during the week (Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Friday Night videos, and if I was REALLY lucky, Star Trek reruns!). And if there was no weekend homework?!?!? Sooky sooky now…I was completely free!!!!



As I got older and joined the workforce (and turned 21), Friday meant happy hour, clubbing, hooking up and all that fun stuff that involves drinking and dancing. Cosmopolitan was my middle name!

When I hit my 30’s and moved out on my own, I met the man I would later marry. Since I lived in America and he in the United Kingdom, the bulk of my Friday nights were spent on MSN Messenger chatting with him.  If I wasn’t chatting, I was out with my best friend, visiting my parents, doing housework, or fast asleep by 10pm.  I know…you could pass out from all that excitement!

Now that I’m married and in my 40’s, Friday means coming home to my husband and the dog, fish and chips, chilling out in front of the TV, snoozing, lots of reading, and lots of blogging.  If I’m feeling REALLY frisky, I might even play a little Xbox. There’s even the occasional Friday Night Drudgery, which is to tackle a huge chore that I’ve been putting off, like cleaning out my messy closet.  I will blog about that soon, because it needs to be done, and I’m running out of topics to blog about!



While Friday is still a celebration, I have molded it into something really great.  I can only imagine what my 50’s will bring!


I wish you all a wonderful Fridaybration.






2 thoughts on “The Transformation of My Fridays

  1. Friday is by far my favorite day of the work week. While it won’t compare to Saturday or Sunday for sheer rest and recreation opportunities, it is the day I look forward to each work week.

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