I saw this picture on Facebook last week.  It is a photo of Eli Manning, Quarterback for the New York  Giants taking a picture of all six of the Vince Lombardi trophies won by the Pittsburgh Steelers.





Being a dedicated Pittsburgh Steelers fan I thought it was absolutely hilarious because it’s rubbing in the fact that the Steelers are better than the Giants. (also because the Steelers played Giants last week).  I wasn’t sure the game was going to take place after Storm Sandy blew in, but everything went to plan. The Steelers were even gracious enough to travel to and from New York on game day so that all spare resources could help those affected by the storm.   As I was watching the game (Steelers won 24-20 by the way…WOOT!), the commentators showed the picture below.   Obviously I recognized it immediately:



As you can see, it is a photo of Eli taking a picture of his flooded house.  Notice any similarities to the photo above??  So it turns out that the first picture was altered.   Eeeeek!   To me, it is in extremely poor taste to make a joke out of something so devastating.   Had I known this before I posted the picture, I would never have posted it in the first place.   I have since removed the post from my timeline.




I am keeping everyone affected by Storm Sandy in my prayers.










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