Divided States of America




WOW.  So Election 2012 is FINALLY over.  No more campaign commercials!  No more mudslinging!  No more character assassinations!  Well…maybe not.  While there are a lot of people who are absolutely ECSTATIC that the current president will remain in office, there are a lot of people who aren’t.  In fact, I’ve been reading some very vicious status updates this morning.  So much so that I had to hide some of these people from my feed for a while.  I have to say that I’m very shocked at all of this hatred. You never know a person’s true colors until it’s time to vote.

Why do people hate President Obama so much? Is it because he’s African-American? Democrat? Handsome? BREATHING???? And why is Donald Trump tripping out so much? Is it jealousy? I have no idea, but I haven’t seen a country so divided over ONE man since O.J. Simpson.

Regardless of what the reason is, I think that President Obama has been extremely resilient. He is running the country, dealing with a Congress that has been fighting him tooth and nail on EVERYTHING he is trying to do to make life better for the American people.   He is also dealing with being hated because of the color of his skin.  All of this while being married and raising a family.  In the public eye no less!!!!  No easy feat to say the least.  All that being said, I think that he’s doing the best that he can with what he has to work with, and he is certainly doing a great job keeping a cool head about all of it.  I know for a fact that I couldn’t do what he’s doing!

Like it or not, the people have spoken. Barack Obama will remain the President of the Divided United States for another 4 years. The world is falling apart all around us. This is a time for Americans to pull together. I am hoping that things start to settle down soon.


Congratulations, Mr. President.











2 thoughts on “Divided States of America

    • It’s not like people haven’t had 4 years to get used to him. I have to say that I’ve been rendered speechless at all of the hatred and bile that has been spewed by the American public. Sickening. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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