On To Other Things


Hey-Hey 🙂
First of all, I would like to apologize for the last venom-filled entry.  (Not to the person it was addressed to, though.  I meant every word that I said. Oh yeah, why don’t you divorce your first husband before sniffing around other men?  Just saying.)I will endeavor to not use my blog for such nonsense again.    Enough of your mindless drivel.  Life is too short.

Now then…since I’m not reading THAT blog anymore, I thought I would clue you in on some of the other blogs I’m reading.


Mimi G.   http://www.mimigstyle.com/
I am OBSESSED with this blog!   It’s a fashion blog, but the great part about it is that Mimi sews a lot of her clothes.  She also gives video tutorials and pattern reviews so that you can create the same styles. She has inspired me to dust off my machine and have another go at sewing. Even if you never sew anything, you will be hooked (pardon the pun)!

Antics of a Museum Girl    http://geokatgirl.wordpress.com/about/

Wait a minute…it’s not what you think.  What was originally supposed to be a blog about what Museum Girl gets up to at work has turned into a great recipe blog.  It’s funny and the recipes look very easy to follow.

Honest To Blog    http://lincolnsideup8.blogspot.com/ 

This is the first blog I ever read.   It’s wonderfully written, and thought provoking.
I’m a LITTLE bit biased about this one because the author is a dear friend of mine.   I can’t big her up enough.  It’s just a darn good blog.

Happy reading.   And if you know of a cool blog I can check out, please let me know.

More soon….



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