My Take On Inside The Actors Studio

Hello again.

I am a big fan of Inside the Actors Studio hosted by James Lipton.   For those of you who are not familiar with the show,  it is a one-on-one interview with various actors, writers, directors, and musicians.  The interview is presented as a seminar to students of the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University in New York.

Mr. Lipton asks each guest a list of 10 questions before the interview ends with a question-and-answer session with the students.  It is the same list of questions for every guest.
While I may not be an actor, I thought I would complete the questionnaire and share my answers with you….

1. What is your favorite word?

Viaduct.   I like the look and sound of it.

2. What is your least favorite word?   

The N word.  It degrades the person saying it as well as the person it is aimed at.

3. What turns you on?

A man that smells good.

4. What turns you off?   

Bad teeth.

5. What sound or noise do you love?

Smooth jazz.  It is chocolate for the ears…

6. What sound or noise do you hate?

People arguing.

7. What is your favorite curse word?   

At a push, it would be ‘asshat’, but there are way too many to choose from!

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?   

A rock star!   Eat your heart out Lady Gaga!

9. What profession would you not like to do?  

Waste managment.    I have a weak stomach.

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at   the pearly gates?

Well done, thy good and faithful servant….




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