Open Letter To My Younger Self

I have noticed a trend of people writing letters to their younger selves.   Now that I’ve joined The 40 Club, I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon, because I have a few choice words for her.  Here goes….

Hey You,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Let me introduce myself.  I am you at age 40.  Yes, YOU.  Yes, FORTY.
You’re finally 16 and you have the whole world ahead of you!    Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up!  Once you get to my age you will wonder where it all went.  Enjoy each and every moment…even the bad ones.

Listen, I know you hate to exercise, but DO IT.   You look great now, and you will look ok at 40, but just OK.  Don’t worry about what the number on the scale says.  Look in the mirror and see what everyone else sees.    YOU LOOK AMAZING.  Don’t smoke, not even occasionally.   You will fight a battle with nicotine all your life.   We’re stopping again…here’s hoping it’s for good this time.  You can drink if you want, but don’t go crazy.  You won’t be able to hang with the crowd that you will meet later on.   Don’t try to keep up with them…they’re a lost cause.    SAVE your money.  Save YOUR money.  Save your MONEY.  SAVE YOUR MONEY.  Don’t waste it on shit you don’t need.

NOW…let’s talk about your love life.    YES, you will have one.  You will ALWAYS love these men, and it’s ok.    These guys will be put into your life to teach you that you deserve better. They will also help you appreciate The One when he finally decides to show up, so don’t let them shatter your spirit.  You are an extraordinary person, my beautiful girl, and you will meet The One in an extraordinary way, and have to fight extraordinarily hard to keep him. Don’t worry.   The One is on his way.

You will hear the phrase ‘love thyself’ all your life, so I will end this letter with these kind words:

I Love You…

Me  xoxo



2 thoughts on “Open Letter To My Younger Self

  1. That would be very similar to mine- Stay thin, don’t smoke and don’t waste money.
    My other one would be don’t marry the first man who asks you!

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